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Dept Sounders and Speed LOGs

Echo Sounders

Navigation Echo Sounders


  • Dual Channel
  • 10 – 250 kHz
  • Colour TFT LCD, with Day/night screen
  • Data in/outputs and – Analogue outputs
  • Possibility for external printer
  • 24 hours depth recording
Doppler Speed Log

SKIPPER DL850 270 kHz Dual Axis Doppler Speed Log

It works with the doppler principle with both SOG and STW. Dual axis as standard, three axis (Docking) as option.

The 270 kHz frequency gives the possibility of tracking bottom speed down to at least 150 m. 

The DL850 270 kHz can be mounted using several options, such as Sea Valve for double bottom and in tank. 

  • It contains features as:
  • Bottom track of speed
  • Water track of speed
  • Depth readout
  • Sea temperature
  • On screen diagnostics
  • Logging functions
  • Wheelmark

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