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Digital Heading & ROT Repeater
New Model: SR01-02Mk3
w/ heading source identification

Decodes SOLAS Compliant NMEA sentences as well as older non-SOLAS Compliant NMEA sentences.

SR01-Mk3 also decodes many proprietary protocols including:

Raytheon Anschütz: Course Bus, Sperry Marine: PPLAR & PPLAN, and Tokyo Keiki (Tokimec), Robertson: RGC 11 protocol.

SR01-Mk3 is powered from 24V DC


  • SOLAS Compliant Heading & ROT Repeater
  • Heading Display; using super-bright LEDs that can be read from more than 10 meters away
  • Heading Source Identification; shows the heading source as: GYR (gyrocompass), MAG (magnetic compass) or SAT (satellite compass)
  • Polar Mode Option; by changing the internal DIP switches the unit will prioritize to display the Satellite Compass Heading
  • Analog Turning Indicator TM (ATI TM); helps you quickly assess the ship’s Rate of Turn and Turning Direction (this is our Trademark invention since 1976)
  • Numeric ROT Display; two LED digits, inside the ATI ring shows the ship’s Rate of Turn in degrees per minute
  • Remote Brilliance Control Unit; Our SR01-06Mk2 Remote Brilliance Control is available
  • IPx6 for Bridge Wing Mounting; the unit is “water tight and meets IEC 60945 IPx6 for mounting in exposed areas
  • Cradle or Console Mounting; the unit is made for console mounting, but a cradle is included with each unit, as standard
  • Pig-tail Cable Connection; a 3 meter cable with IP67 plug is included as standard

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