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LOG to NMEA Converter

1X SYNHCRO & LOG to NMEA Converter | SR01-60(H or L)


This SYNHCRO & LOG to NMEA Converter converts 1X Synchro Signals (1X & 36X) to NMEA (or other protocols).

SR01-60 also converters LOG pulses: 200 or 400 pulses per n mile to NMEA (or other protocols).

  • Synchro Signals; 1X or 36X, are converted to NMEA HEADING & ROT (calculated).

The units can also be used for Synhcro Speed Conversion. The signals are decoded and send out as serial HEADING data out on 2x RS422 Data Output Channel.

  • Output Protocols Supported

Default protocol is NMEA, but you can also select: Course Bus protocol, RGS/Tokimek protocol, Yokogawa old protocol, “Lehmkuhl” LR22/40/60, Robertson SKR80/82 formats.

  • SR01-60 as Protocol & Baud Rate Converter

The two serial data outputs (RS422) are independent and can operate at different Baud Rates and with different Protocols. The SR01-40 can therefore be used as protocol & / or Baud Rate converter.

  • ALARM Signals

SR01-60 has an ALARM RELAY output: NO, NC, 2A relay contacts are available for external alarms. In addition the unit can be used with NMEA Alarm Communication protocol.

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