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Hanging Version
Pull-down from Deck-Head

Standing Version
for Pelorus Mounting


With our Optical Bearing Device, the Navigation Officer can determine the ship’s position independently of the GPS and detect spoofing or jamming to the GPS system.


  • Optical Bearing Line (OBL) in ECDIS and/or Radar
  • Display an Optical Bearing Line (OBL) directly in the ECDIS and/or RADAR
  • Optical Position Fixes
  • Optical Running Fixes
  • Determine CPA, TCPA and RANGE to fixed objects independently of the GPS
  • Stores the Optical Position Fixes in Electronic Logbook
  • Identify Other Ships you see through the OBD optics
  • Received AIS information in Real-Time, directly in the OBD display


SOLAS Compliant Bearing Repeater

The OBD is certified as a group I azimuth reading device, with reference to ISO 25862 Annex C, and may with input from a certified gyro compass cover the requirements of SOLAS V/19.5.3 for gyro-compass bearing repeater.



The OBD is now installed on many Cruise Ships, Navy & Coast Guard ships and on some Mega Yachts.

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