Optical Bearing Device

Optical Bearing Device | SR02‐01


Successfully trialed and installed on Norwegian Navy and Coast Guard ships, the OBD was originally designed for high speed navigation in narrow fjords without relying on the GPS. Our OBD is designed for rapid target acquisition to determine your precise location directly in your ECDIS charts

New Features:

  • Displays an Optical Bearing Line (OBL) directly in the ECDIS
  • Takes Independent Optical Position Fixes by creating Lines of Position (LOP) to two or more targets directly in the ECDIS (P‐Fix Mode)
  • Takes Independent Optical Running Fixes to a fixed target. The OBD will instantly compute CPA, TCPA and Range to the fixed object. (R‐Fix Mode)
  • Identifies other ships by retrieving AIS information and displaying it in real time – directly in the Optical Bearing Device display.

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