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Steering Repeater Compass And Wing Repeaters

Steering Repeater

Steering Repeaters

The new steering repeater compass ensures a clear indication of the heading information by using a 360° and a 10° compass card.

In addition the heading is also shown on a digital display.

Both the analogue and digital displays provide a graduation of 1/10 of a degree.

The heading source indicator is a unique feature of the new steering repeater from Raytheon Anschütz. It displays the source of the heading information, such as: Gyro, Satellite or Magnetic compass

Wing Repeaters

Wing Repeaters & Bearing Sights

The bearing repeater compass is equipped with a 360° compass card and a digital display for heading indication. The heading source is also indicated: Gyro, Magnetic or Satellite compass. 

Bearing sights can easily be mounted on the centric adapter. The reflected 360° dial on the compass card is used for reflection into the beading sight. A fixed 360° scale on the outer ring allows relative bearings to be taken. 

For use with double-ended ferried a 180° offset can be added. 

Illumination is controlled via pish buttons 

Bearing sights, bearing brackets and a pelorus stand are available.

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